Permissions Letter: Elsevier #1

10 June 2004

Our Ref: HW/jb/jun04.j016

Marcin Klapczynski
University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Physiology and Biophysics
835 S. Wolcott Ave.
Chicago, IL 60612

Dear Dr Klapczynski

NEURON, Vol 35, 2002, pp415-418, Frisen: „Stem cell plasticity?", 2 figures only

Proposed Use: an article on the website 

As per your letter dated 28 May 2004, we hereby grant you permission to reproduce the aforementioned material in print and electronic format at no charge subject to the following conditions:

1. If any part of the material to be used (for example, figures) has appeared in our publication with credit or acknowledgement to another source, permission must also be sought from that source. If such permission is not obtained then that material may not be included in your publication/copies.

2. Suitable acknowledgement to the source must be made, either as a footnote or in a reference list at the end of your publication, as follows:

„Reprinted from Publication title, Vol number, Author(s), Title of article, Pages No., Copyright (Year), with permission from Elsevier".

3. This permission is granted for non-exclusive world Polish rights only. For other languages please reapply separately for each one required.

4. Reproduction of this material is confined to the purpose for which permission is hereby given.

Yours sincerely

Helen Wilson
Rights Manager

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